City of Newcastle RSL Pipe Band

Band History: Part 2/2

The Band has worked hard to be able to put together a variation of four modes of Dress including Full Ceremonial Dress, Military Dress, Summer Dress, and Walking Out Dress. The City of Newcastle RSL Band still proudly wears the tartan it adopted in 1929 - the Gordon Tartan. The Band continues to be well-managed and whilst still being affiliated with the Newcastle RSL Club, it plays at many engagements locally and at places far afield. It also moves around in the Pipe Band Competition arena.

In 1967 at Sydney, the Drum Corps of the Band was successful in winning the Australian Drum Corps Championships for Grade 2 Bands, repeating the feat again in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1972.

The Band has travelled far and wide, proudly bearing the City's name and that of the RSL, and continues to do so. It is regarded very highly in Pipe Band circles, is one of the best dressed Bands in the State and has enjoyed it's share of success at Pipe Band contests.

The members consider this Band to be a proud possession of the people of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia; a Band that is indeed very popular and who have supported the community by donating their time, effort and expense to provide entertainment for local functions. A number of engagements for deserving causes are performed free of charge, whilst the income derived from paid engagements is chanelled towards the purchase and maintenance of Uniforms and Equipment. The Band continues with its growth, which places a financial burden in the provision of Uniforms and Equipment. Included in this growth phase is the aim to nourish, encourage and promote youth to the Band.

1994 saw the granting of Charitable Fund Raising Status to the Band by the NSW Government Chief Secretary's Department. In 2004 , the Band celebrated 80 years of continuous service.

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